New Moon Rising Released

October 29, 2021

New Moon Rising is here!

It’s been an incredible journey to bring this saga to its epic conclusion, and I’ve loved every moment that was spent discovering how these characters were going to get there.

I must, once more, give a huge thank you to my beta readers: Alex, Ashley, Elizabeth, Emily, Harry, Jim, Mom & Dad, and Zaina. And to my editor, Marissa, who worked so hard to accommodate a missed deadline, a tight schedule, and way, way more words than either of us were expecting. Without their help, this story would be a shadow of what it is today.

And for every one of you who have stepped into this world, who have laughed and cried with our heroes through their triumphs and hardships, and waited impatiently for this final chapter: thank you.

You can sample the beginning of the book here on the site, hop over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to order online, or visit your local indie bookstore too obtain copies.

Happy reading, and may your path always lead to adventure.