GP5 Cover Reveal

I’m so excited that this book is almost here, and I finally get to share all of these wonderful stories! It’s incredible how many tales never made it into the first four books, and how many mysteries were never answered. I hope that you’ll have just as much fun exploring the lives of these characters as they did living them. […]

New Moon Rising Released

New Moon Rising is here! It’s been an incredible journey to bring this saga to its epic conclusion, and I’ve loved every moment that was spent discovering how these characters were going to get there. I must, once more, give a huge thank you to my beta readers: Alex, Ashley, Elizabeth, Emily, Harry, Jim, Mom […]

GP4 Cover Reveal

Can you believe we’re less than two months from release day? Preorder announcement will be coming soon, so keep an eye out.

Editing We Will Go

The manuscript for New Moon Rising is back from the editor, and just in time! It will be a tight turnaround to get all the comments and suggestions incorporated, but this is the part of writing that I enjoy the most. Fun fact: this fourth book in the Guardian’s Prophecy series is just under double […]

Weaponforger release

Today marks the eagerly anticipated release of the third book in the Guardian’s Prophecy series: Weaponforger. I am particularly excited about this one, and not only because the story was so much fun to write. The climactic ending of this book came to me when I was barely a quarter of the way through Eyes […]

Weaponforger is almost here

Can you believe it’s October already? When the year started, I was two months behind where I wanted to be. Two whole months. It was a daunting hill to climb, made worse by knowing it was no one’s fault but my own. I had managed to cut that deficit in half when the world went […]


A time to become that which you must… Shalindra and her band of refugees sought a new life, her quest to become Guardian forgotten after fleeing a war she was not allowed to win. Tormjere’s mysterious return upsets what peace they have achieved, rekindling her desire and placing her feet once more on a path […]

Hunter’s Moon release

This week saw the release of Hunter’s Moon! So many interesting things are about to happen to your favorite characters… Once again I’d like to give a huge thanks to my beta readers, who helped me keep my crazy ideas within the bounds of the reality I’ve created: Alex, Ashley, Elizabeth, Emily, Harry, and Mom […]

Hunter’s Moon: One Month!

The countdown has begun! Only one month left to release day. Who’s ready? For those who cannot wait another minute, you can read the first two chapters online.

Cover Reveal: Hunter’s Moon

I’m really excited to finally get to share the cover for the second book in the Guardian’s Prophecy series with everyone! More launch news coming soon!