Eyes of the Blind

Guardian's Prophecy: Book One

A blind priest. A book that can’t be seen. Can a young ranger protect one long enough to save the other?

Tormjere has lived a peaceful life in his home valley, far removed from the conflicts of monsters and men. But when a fateful encounter turns deadly, his first journey into the outside world becomes longer than he’d ever imagined. To save the life of a friend, he sets himself willingly on a path for which he is ill-prepared: guiding a blind priest on a quest to retrieve a missing artifact – one that only he can see.

As they venture deep into a dangerous and untamed wilderness, Tormjere will learn to call upon abilities that he never knew he possessed and to make decisions that will affect far more than his own fate.

If they succeed, they’ll gain a prize worth more than all the gold in the kingdom.

But even the most noble of victories comes at a cost…

Series: Guardian’s Prophecy

Book: 1 of 5

Release Date: October 29, 2018

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