ISBNs, Trim Sizes, and Timelines…Oh My!

October 15, 2018

This last push to get Eyes of the Blind out the door has been a ton of work. You read about it, try to plan for it, but until your manuscript is done and you’re really doing it, you never know quite what to expect.

The release date is officially October 29th, but you can read a preview now over on the Books page.

With just under two weeks to go, everything is (almost) ready. The ebook and paperback will both be available on Amazon on schedule. The hardback and non-Amazon paperback should be close, but may lag a bit because of holiday demand.

What’s a non-Amazon paperback, you ask? I’ll have to leave that for a future post, once everything has settled down. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would need to about the publishing business, and crammed a lot of it into the past month. It’s an understatement to say that it makes my head hurt.

Still, there’s nothing like knowing you’re so close to something you’ve worked so long for.

I can’t wait to share it with you.