Eyes of the Blind Soundtrack

No, I couldn’t get Hans Zimmer, John Williams, or Howard Shore to compose a score for me, but I still need music to help fire up the creative juices when I’m working, especially when it’s at soccer practice or the dance studio. Classical music is, hands down, the best choice when writing, but have you […]

What Makes Writing So Much Fun

Writing is an inherently solitary activity. It can’t be done well while socializing at parties or the pub, nor while enjoying one’s favorite sporting activity. It requires the author to record his dreams, to juggle pacing and plot, and to do it all with a minimum of distraction. The fabled “writer’s cave” is not a […]

Black Friday 2018

Big discounts this week on the E-book. If you haven’t gotten your copy, now’s the time!

Eyes of the Blind Released

16 drafts. 75,922 words (that I kept). 9 beta reads. 1 editor. 3 years, 1 month, and 14 days of dreaming, learning, doubting, struggling, and hoping. It’s finally here. Publishing a book has been compared to having a baby, but I think a more apt analogy would be to raising a child once they’re born. […]

ISBNs, Trim Sizes, and Timelines…Oh My!

This last push to get Eyes of the Blind out the door has been a ton of work. You read about it, try to plan for it, but until your manuscript is done and you’re really doing it, you never know quite what to expect. The release date is officially October 29th, but you can […]

Back from the Editor

Eyes of the Blind is back from the editor! It’s a lot to take in, but I’ve always enjoyed the editing process so it will be fun to put the finishing polish on the manuscript. I’ll also be doing some follow-up posts detailing my editing experience. More to come on that later.

The New Site is Live

After some emergency re-platforming, the website is again live. If you tried to visit during the brief outage, thanks for coming back! I’ve got some exciting ideas for the future, but right now I’m focused on writing. Keep an eye out for new content, coming soon.

GP1 Out for Editing!

And it’s officially released to the editor! (Yes, I made one more pass through it first.) Now the waiting begins…

GP1 Cover Reveal

And here it is: the cover for Eyes of the Blind! Coming Fall 2018!