Weaponforger release

October 29, 2020

Today marks the eagerly anticipated release of the third book in the Guardian’s Prophecy series: Weaponforger.

I am particularly excited about this one, and not only because the story was so much fun to write. The climactic ending of this book came to me when I was barely a quarter of the way through Eyes of the Blind, changing the story from a standalone novel to a series and sending me deeper into this new world than I ever thought I would venture.

And now, after years of dreaming, writing, and revising, I can finally share it with you.

As always, I must express my gratitude to my beta readers: Alex, Ashley, Elizabeth, Emily, Harry, Mom & Dad, and Zaina. And for my wonderful editor, Marissa, who always pushes me to make my words so much better than they were before. Without their (sometimes harsh) feedback, this story would never have matched the visions in my head.

You can sample the first two chapters here on the site, or visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble to order online. Your local indie bookstore can also obtain copies, if they do not have them already.

Happy reading, and may your path be filled with adventure!